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Monday, May 31, 2010

Anthony's and Hotel Del Coronado

The Hotel del Coronado is a pretty neat place to visit.

You can walk around the hotel for cheap (free).

The fish poboy at Anthony's is delish.

mosaic tiles mimic under the sea at Anthony's

Wanda, Fran and Gwynne (aka kitchen wench)

Today I went to Anthony's for fish with my Dad, Wanda and my little sister, Fran (see picture). We had an awesome time. I had the fish poboy which was delicious, the bread was very good quality and the fish is not overly battered. The fries were very crispy. Fran had chicken breast with some type of sauce that looked like piccata and she enjoyed it very much. Hers came with a side salad and she ordered a balsamic vinaigrette that smelled yummy. Dad had a squid sandwich that he was pleased with and Wanda has fried fish and shrimp, with cole slaw that looked tasty.

Afterwards we drove over to Coronado Island, where the three of them used to live for about 5 years. We saw the home they used to live in; it used to be a ranch and now it is more of a modern two story. It is amazing how the architecture of Coronado changes as people buy a home, tear it down and put up something different.

We also went to the Hotel del Coronado and looked in some of the shops (pricey) and it was fun to see how the other half must live. I could get used to this...

When in San Diego, go to Anthony's for fish, and the Hotel del Coronado for cool architecture.

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