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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cleaving - by Julie Powell

This is a fun read.

Today I'm recovering from a bout of stomach flu and reading Cleaving by Julie Powell. I've managed to drink some club soda (without enthusiasm) and eat three chocolate frosted krispy kreme donuts. My tummy was empty and I felt it could hold these - so far it has. I''m also working on a large latte, also without much enthusiasm, unlike most mornings when it goes down quickly.

Cleaving is a story from the author of Julie and Julia - the author is struggling with a a stormy affair ending and her marriage is waning, but she and her husband are still very close (does that make sense?) She decides she wants to become a butcher, and she finally finds a nice shop whose owner agrees to teach her as an apprentice butcher. The shop is laid-back, full of young hippie types. She learns to master all of the cuts of beef, pork, etc. Upon "graduation" she is told by one of her co-workers that she should do some travelling. She first goes to Argentina and sees how steer and buffalo are raised and sold. She eats delicious steaks. Then she goes to the Ukraine. That's where I am in the book now. Will probably finish it today.

I get a bit of wanderlust when I read about others travels. I really want to go back to Spain this year. Maybe after I graduate in December I will make a trip and call it my graduation present. (Not sure which credit card will be available for this, however - any kind hearted benefactors $$ out there?) I already told my friend Jose in Vitoria I would like to do this - and I've heard the first step of making things happen for yourself is to tell others about your plans. So...maybe in December I'll be eating tortilla de patatas, chorizo, palmeras de chocolate, and drinking pacharran, cafe con leche (y solo), vino tinto and vermouth with a slice of lemon.

Yes, wanderlust.

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