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Friday, May 21, 2010

Ranch 99 market and black chickens

Black chickens. Really!

I think this is the baking aisle at Ranch 99 but I'm not positive.
(My Chinese, Lao, Vietnamese, etc. is a little rusty)

Sultana cookies

I am not kidding you. I saw something called a black chicken today (see picture). I'm tempted to go back and buy one, even thought it looks a little odd.

These pictures were taken inside the Ranch 99 market at the Chinese Cultural Center at 44th St./Van Buren. I was there today prospecting for new clients when I remembered the Ranch 99 is a cool place to shop.

To my surprise and happiness, I spied sultana biscuits. Really! I have been looking for these here since I fell in love with them from back in the day when Sunshine stopped making them and then again when I discovered them in New Zealand under the brand name Golden Fruit. Well they are here now, and as far as I can tell them have the same ingredients. And, they are only 99 cents for a package. 99 cents! For joy!

There are all kinds of interesting packaged foods at Ranch 99 market, along with produce you don't see elsewhere, such as teeny tiny bananas (little plantains, I think) and something called Starfruit. Wow, starfruit. That's cool.

They also have a buffet type Chinese food restaurant - it's like a Panda Express setup but the food is a lot better. Very reasonable and it smelled delicious today. I have eaten there before and I would for sure go back. I didn't have time today but I did think about it.

Their fish section is very cool, they have all kinds of live, frozen and fresh seafood. I spied catfish that looked very spritely and other fish I didn't recognize. I believe they will fry a fish for you if you ask them to, this is a good option if you don't want to fry at home either because you don't have a "fry daddy" or you just don't want to smell up your kitchen. I vote for that!

There is so much to take in at Ranch 99. I also picked up some tamarind candy that I am excited to try. They sell all kinds of teas, noodles and they have a bakery section too. I spied some cupcakes that looked very tasty. They also have lots of different types of drinks, coconut waters, yogurt drink, fruit flavored nectars, etc. Oh, and there are Asian liquors and wines. A lot to take in, for sure!

Get yourself to Ranch 99 market, spend an afternoon and get lost in all of their interesting food items.

It's an adventure which includes of all things, black chickens.

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