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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pasta salad with tomatoes, carrots and guindilla peppers

Jamaica, aka hibiscus flower drink is refreshing in the summer.

pasta salad and chicken vindaloo

I was stumped for lunch today and then I remembered I made a pasta salad last night with tomatoes, carrots and guindilla peppers (Trader Joe's sells them).

It was pretty tasty last night, and marinating overnight, it should be even better today. I used a bit of Trader Joe's California estate olive oil for the dressing, along with a splash of fresh lemon juice (thank you Aunt Char for the lemon) and salt/pepper.

In the freezer today I also spied a chicken vindaloo frozen rice bowl (courtesy of TJ's as well) which I will have a little later. They have lots of rice bowl selections that are tasty and all around fairly substantial.

I'm also making jamaica - hibiscus flower drink (see picture) since I'm out of seltzer water. Lots of folks add sugar to this but I like it au natural. You can get the dried hibiscus in a bag at Mexican supermarkets. I get mine at Food City in the spice section. Or, if you have a Mexico connection - in my case an Hermosillo connection - maybe you can get some brought to you directly (hint hint).

Happy lunching!

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