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Monday, May 3, 2010

What's for dinner - oven fries

soaking your potatoes in ice water before baking will help them retain moisture.

Sometimes I don't feel like eating a full-on meal, especially when it starts to heat up, I tend to crave bar and snack foods more. Tonight I'm making a big batch of oven fries.

I sliced 2 large baking potatoes in wedges and they are now soaking in ice water (helps them retain moisture) and then I'm going to drain them after 10 minutes and bake them in a 430 degree oven on a cookie sheet lined with tin foil, tossing them with olive oil. They will bake 15 minutes on one side, then I will turn them and see how they are coming along. Most likely they will need another 15 and then it will be time to put some kosher salt on them and eat them with lots of catsup.

For a variation, you can sprinkle them with fresh rosemary before baking, and serve them with any kind of meat: broiled chicken, steak (steak frites mmmm), etc.

Sounds like a yummy dinner. Bar food! Make some of these oven fries for yourself. You'll enjoy them a lot.

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