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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Date Shakes at Dateland and Thai One On in San Diego

Dateland is a good place to stop and get a snack on your way to San Diego.

A cactus shake left, and a date shake, right. You have to try these!

There is some pretty lighting at Thai One On. My fathers girlfriend Saykham, who is from Laos, says that these lights are made from young coconuts and they are handmade.

Im using the Spanish keyboard again, so incorrect punctuation again...sorry folks.

Im going to learn how to switch it to English today, thanks to the remote and friendly advice from my IT specialist at Clear Skies IT Solutions. is his email address and he comes to your home or business to fix your computer, load software, remove viruses or build you a super fast computer.

When one travels to San Diego via Phoenix, there is often a stop at Dateland involved. Happily this is true, in my case. My travel companion yesterday was Wanda, and we both had shakes at Dateland. She had a date shake and I had a cactus shake. Really! Cactus! It is actually a syrup and not the fruit, but I was told that it is made from the prickly pear and it was very delicious and not too sweet. What a treat and I enjoy trying something new. Cactus!

We arrived in Carlsbad, where my Dad lives, around 6pm and then we went to a local Thai restaurant called Thai One On. We had Larb Neu, which is beef salad. Im not sure if Im spelling this correctly. It is beef prepared with mint, cilantro, fish sauce and im not sure what else. It is served lettuce wrap style at this restaurant, with romanine lettuce, which we promptly devoured and then I asked for cabbage since beef salad is typically served with cabbage and it is one of my favorite vegetables. Delicous salad! Then we also had yellow curry with potatoes and chicken. I am not a huge fan of curry, I guess because Im not a huge fan of coconut but this curry was very mild and tasty. The chicken was very good quality, very lean, and the potatoes were very tender.

The last course was Tom Yum Gai, a hot and sour soup with chicken, mushrooms, lemongrass, cilantro, ginger and im not sure what else. This is one of my favorite soups and is really good if you have a long and hard stressful day, this soup is the cure. It is very calming and earthy, and spicy.

Thai One On is at 485 S. Melrose Dr., Vista, CA. 92081
website is

Get yourself some tasty thai food in Vista at Thai One On and have a date or cactus shake along the way from Dateland.

Happy eating.

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