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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Breakfast in North County

Yummy danish and cookies that are perfect for a light breakfast or snack, later in the day...

I am a big fan of cupcakes, these look delish.

There are a lot of good reasons to hang out in North County (San Diego). In my case, my Dad is here in Carlsbad, and I am a huge fan of Encinitas. If I hit the lotto one of these days, I would so like to get a tiny condo there. Leucadia is pretty too. Mmm Leucadia Pizza rocks.

I digress.

This morning we went to Carlsbad Danish Bakery at 2805 Roosevelt St. The nice lady behind the counter told me they are looking at shipping products one of these days, us Zonies might be able to benefit. I don't feel we have a great bakery in Phoenix other than Karsh's on 7th St. The pastries at AJs Fine Foods are good (especially their scones) but Carlsbad Danish Bakery takes the cake, literally.

While we were there today I spied cupcakes (see picture). They have german chocolate, carrot and red velvet. They look delicious. This bakery also has the most amazing danishes. Dad had an apricot danish and I had an apple. The pastry is very flakey and the fruit is excellent quality. And Dad says their coffee is really good too. I am a coffee snob, so I brought my own big latte.

So, when in North County, make a visit to the nice folks at Carlsbad Danish Bakery. Your tummy and tastebuds will thank you!

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  1. They made us the most amazing strawberry and cream cake. Three layers with chocolate dipped ones on top. So yummy!