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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Citizenship workshop and bonus raspado

The ample menu of frozen goodies at jugos y licuados.

This raspado store and bakery is at 43rd Avenue/Thomas.

My chamoyada (with mango, chili, lime, shaved ice and chamoy).

Some of the questions from our citizenship class.

Today I helped teach at a citizenship workshop with Mano a Mano Unidas, a non-profit organization that is 4 years old. They don't have an office since all of the staff are volunteers, and they don't take any money donations. Today they held their monthly workshop at a clothing store near 43rd Avenue/Thomas. All of the students and staff were very friendly and I am looking forward to going back next month. Their next workshop is on June 19th, venue to be announced. So, if you like helping others and might want to help teach civics, English or fill out the N-400 form for others, please let me know and I will give you more details. It's a good cause!

After teaching I noticed the strip mall we were in houses a raspado (slushie) store. Jugos y licuados. It's on the corner of North west corner of 43rd Avenue and Thomas. There are actually two raspado places I believe, one is part of a bakery, which is the one I went to. In the bakery section I spied delicious pastries and cakes, one of which was a special shape, it had a big
"dip" in the middle as if a section had been taken out but it was very smooth. I think the baker said it for for a baptism. It was unusual, and beautifully decorated.

The person I spoke to behind the counter was very friendly and explained they have two fruits for slushies, mango and tamarind and both are preserved with honey. She let me try a little of each and they are delicious, a bit gelatinous and perfect with shaved ice, chili powder, chamoy and lime (see the finished product). I opted for the mango but I think I will try the tamarind next time.

So, give Jugos y Licuados a try this summer. Your mouth will thank you!

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