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Friday, May 28, 2010

Segals Oasis Grill

I am posting this on a computer that has Spanish punctuation marks programmed into it so I cant use correct punctuation right now...sorry.

Last night I had dinner at Segals Oasis Grill in Phoenix. Delicious food! I had beef kabobs...see the picture. They came with fries, rice or baked potato and I opted for fries. Also you get a soup or a salad with your entree. I had the salad, it was nothing to write home about but the veggies were very fresh, which is not always the case, and it came with grape tomatoes and european cucumbers, which was a nice touch.
Jason ordered fish and chips. He enjoyed them very much. Thankfully for me he did not like his soup so it came to me. I am telling you to get over to Segals and order their vegetable soup, right now! It is tasty and healthy, with cabbage, carrots, broccoli, zucchini and Im not sure what else. It has the right amount of seasoning and not too salty.

Segals menu is quite varied so I highly recommend a visit. You can eat Mexican food, Chinese food, American food or Middle Eastern food. And all of it is kosher, which was important to us last night since my bro and his lovely bride have just converted.

My Mom had a pastrami sandwich on rye that looked yummy and was huge. It came with the same fries that Jason and I had and a coleslaw that she finished, so I know she liked it.

We will be going back to Segals Oasis Grill. I wonder if it is any coincidence that they have Oasis in their name as my favorite Mexican slushie place does as well...Oasis Raspados.

Coincidence...question mark that I cant make on this computer.

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