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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Manzana con chile (apple with chili powder) - snack option

Some fruit with chili powder is a healthy snack option

I posted this once before - it was my first post, actually…214 posts ago. Seems like just yesterday I started Yummies.

Today I'm needing something to fill me until 12:30 since I'm having a late lunch.

Cut your fruit - in this case, an apple, and sprinkle it liberally with "pico de gallo" or chili powder and add a squeeze of lime (or in my case a lemon cause that's what I had).

You can buy this chili powder for fruits/vegetables in the produce section at Mexican style grocery stores. I get mine at Food City and it is under the brand El Mexicano.

I've also heard that the pectin in apples helps you stay alert.

Happy Snacking!

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