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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Herb Box at Market Street

Jason raved about the green tea at Herb Box

Jason took me to the Herb Box at Market Street for a late lunch yesterday. I swear we were there for hours enjoying their delicious pork sliders, tzatziki, hummus, pita chips and green tea. Their pork sliders (4) are tiny, but fill you well, and very succulent and moist. They come on the most delicious tiny ciabatta bread rolls that are toasted to perfection. They also come with some type of mayo/sauce on top that I could not quite identify but it is not necessary know what is exactly in your food to enjoy it (as much as I would like to be a fly in their kitchen to know how everything is made). Alas my pictures of the sliders did not save to my camera phone, it must be user error - or my chip is dying. I will see if Jason's picture of the sliders turned out and add it to this post.

The Herb Box also has a marketplace where you can buy prepared foods to go. We purchased a sweet potato muffin (delicious/enormous... I am still working on it), pecan chicken salad with cranberries, tzatziki and pita chips. They also had butternut squash tacos and some type of chicken salad over lettuce and a fruit salad with yogurt that looks very yummy.

We talked briefly with Gary, the manager, who is very nice and told us he would buy Jason a drink on his birthday (this coming Thursday) if we went back. Our server, who was very sweet and efficient (don't remember her name) has the same birthday as Jason - what are the odds?

Verdict: We'll be back. Get yourself to The Herb Box at Market Street now. Right now!!

There is also another Herb Box location at 69th St./Shea which makes an excellent steak sandwich on ciabatta bread. Mmmmmmm my mouth is currently watering.

Ps. They do catering - imagine how popular you will be with these little sliders at your next fundraiser or special event.

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