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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Oasis Raspados, Panadería Guerrero - the introduction

Oasis is the place...for Raspados!
These guys make a tres leches cake that will knock your socks off!!
And flan too.

I introduced my friend Rosa to Oasis Raspados yesterday afternoon. She had a watermelon raspado and I had a chamoyada (of course). I explained to her that depending on where you order a chamoyada, it might be called a diablito (like if you go to Panadería Guerrero on 32nd. St./Thomas or La Reyna Michoacana just south of there).

After we spent time at Oasis, we went to Panadería Guerrero - Rosa's first time! She needed to buy a cake for an event - I suggested their "tres leches" as I recently got one there for my Dad's birthday and it was sooooo delicious! It had strawberries with white cake which was moistened with the tres leches (3 milks). You gotta try one.

Rosa found a small flan with fruit on it for $7.00, it looked like it would serve 6 people easily. What a deal! Keep in mind that Panadería Guerrero also has Mexican pastries and on the other side of the store they serve Mexican food. Mmmmmm!

So, the point of this post is, try something new this weekend.

Get yourself to Oasis Raspados or Panadería Guerrero for golosinas! (sweet things)

ps. Wendy Ramirez, we're still on for Oasis next week, verdad?

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