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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday snacking at Oasis Raspados

A chamoyada will cool you off, while adding some spice to your mouth.

I stopped at Oasis at 32nd St./Thomas today on my way to the library. I needed something sweet, spicy, tangy and cold, Oasis fits the bill quite well.

I ordered a medium chamoyada and to my surprise, was given an extra serpentina (tamarind candy), which I enjoy immensely. My chamoyada had 2 serpentinas, fresh mango pieces, chamoy, crushed ice, lime juice, asian peanuts (cacahuates japoneses) and chili powder.

Oasis just got some updated seating, fyi. There are now two booths off to one side, which was a good idea. It will make room for more people who are waiting (like yours truly) when the hottest part of the summer rolls around. I am told that pretty soon there will be a cola larga (a long line) out the door with people waiting for an icy treat!

On a hot day like today, Oasis is where you want to be.

It's like going to an Oasis - - in the desert!

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