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Monday, May 24, 2010

Arroz con leche - rice pudding - direct from Spain

Rice pudding

Sorry, folks. No measurements on this one. My host mother does this "al ojo" - by sight.


Put milk and rice in a pot and heat it. As you see that the rice is getting bigger (cooking), keep adding milk so that it stays wet, and then when the rice is done you cool it in the refrig and add the sugar. Don't add the sugar before because it will make everything stick to the pot. And then put cinnamon on top.

Que pone en una cazuela la leche con el arroz y según va viendo que el mismo se va engordando va echando leche a medida para que se quede jugoso, y ya casi al final cuando tenga pensado ponerlo a enfriar hecha el azucar. No antes para que no se agarre a la cazuela. Y luego la canela por encima.

Mmmmm. Does that translate?

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