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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rito's Mexican Food

Dessert at...Oasis Raspados.
(where else would I go?)

Where you order your tasty burro at Rito's Mexican Food.

My lunch today. A green chili burro with beans. ¡Sabroso!

Went to Rito's Mexican Food with my aunt for lunch today.
I had a green chili burro with beans.
She had a red burro with rice and beans on the side and a diet coke.
I had a fanta.

The seating is outside only, very friendly people, and reasonable prices.
Their tortillas were great (gigante) and the fillings inside were pretty tasty, too!

Check them out:
907 North 14th Street, Phoenix - (602) 262-9842

Open until 4:00 pm, closed Sat & Sun.

For dessert I hijacked my auntie over to Oasis Raspados
on 32nd St./McDowell.
She looked skeptical and didn't want anything this time,
so I got my usual, a chamoyada.

It was a good choice.

Get yourself to Rito's Mexican Food for lunch, and
then mosey over to Oasis Raspados for dessert!

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