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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trader Joe's strikes again - dinner!

We had Trader Joe's whole wheat fettuccine with marinara sauce last night. The pasta has a lot of heft to it - and a good mouth feel. I was thinking it would be also nice with butter/olive oil/garlic. TJs marinara sauce doesn't have any preservatives so it has a fresh tomatoey taste. You could add some chicken pieces to this and have a faux chicken cacciatore but we felt like a lighter there you go. We had an appetizer/dessert before hand, frozen yogurt - have any of you been to Yogurtland in Tempe? It is so cool...there are over a dozen yogurt flavors (some nonfat) and a bunch of toppings from fruit/cookie pieces/candy/granola. The best part is that for the two of us it was just over 4 bucks! They charge 30 cents an ounce. And it is self-serve, which makes it more fun. They have inside/outside seating and get pretty bz on the weekend. If you haven't been, you gotta check this place out.

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