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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Homemade tortillas, empanadas and tamales...oh my!

We visited with Marisol today, she makes the most delicious tortillas, empanadas (cajeta or pineapple filling) and tamales (chicken, beef, cheese or pork). See the photo with the balls of tortilla dough that she presses in a heated electric tortilla press, these are really casera tortillas. If you want to place an order and live in the Phoenix area, contact me and I will give you her phone number. You have to pick them up, since she doesn't deliver...but they are well worth the effort. My boyfriend claims that tortillas are just a vessel - and need to be filled with something - but Marisol's are so light and practically transparent, they can be enjoyed all on their own. Buen provecho!

After our visit and picking up yummies, we drove to the Buttes. These rock formations are worth a visit. Check out the sunset of Phoenix that we saw. It was incredible. The colors were just amazing.

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