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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Steak salad

Yesterday I was reminiscing about a steak salad I had at Z Tejas years ago that prompted me to create my own version (mostly to economize and for convenience too). So today I went to visit my friends at Food City and picked up a cut called beef bottom round steak. The package contained two good sized steaks, albeit a bit thin (but less than $3.00). There’s enough for lunch, round 2: tomorrow! This version of steak salad is simple and healthy. Disclaimer: I do not eat a lot of red meat. It is too expensive to raise, and not good for the environment vs. what we get out of it. So, I only make this once in a great while, or twice in one week – in this case, since the package contained two steaks. But it is yummy :)

In a medium size salad bowl (this is for one person) combine red lettuce torn into bite sized pieces and slice some purple onion - a few slices and put on top. Add some craisins - a half handful - these are dried, sweetened cranberries. Then a half handful of almonds, I swiped some out of my Trader Joe's trail mix. I make a simple vinagrette for this...some dijon whole grain mustard would have been nice, but I didn't have it so I just used olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper.

Then I seared the steak on both sides - this was a bit thinner than the ones I usually use - if you have the $, get a rib eye...they have the marbled fat and make for a delicious steak salad. Anyways, it got a little more done than I usually like, which is medium rare. But, the finished product was delicious. I let the steak rest about 5 minutes covered before slicing it on a bias and then put it on top of the greens, then the dressing went over it. Sorry folks, the salad is a little out of focus, I think I was so excited to start eating it, I was shaking...enjoy!

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