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Monday, January 18, 2010

Abuelita hot chocolate

I needed a warm up today, it is cool and rainy...Abuelita hot chocolate sounded like just the ticket. (It is something my grandmother would have made for me, if she would have known about it). I used half a tablet (there are 6 to the box) and 1 ½ cups 1% milk. Just warm the milk and your tablet will dissolve. There are little bits that remain in the bottom, a bit grainy and cinnamon-like. This drink did not need extra sugar for me but if you need it, try a teaspoon and go from there. This will put a smile on your face.

They also have a liquid version but I have not tried it yet. Might be good for the workplace! (or on ice cream, for that matter. Hmmmm…)

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