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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chamoyada vs. diablito

Today I called Oasis Raspados on 32nd Street, they are still on vacation, so I could not get a chamoyada like I wanted. However, La Michoacana was open (just north of Oasis) on 32nd Street and I ordered a diablito. It is very similar to a chamoyada, but a bit spicier. My version had shaved ice, tamarind fruit, chamoy, asian peanuts, chili powder and a tamarind candy "straw." The flavor was right on. The chamoyada that I get at Oasis seems to have a finer ice grind, and they use tamarind candy on top - they are in rolls and are called "serpentinas."

I forgot to take a picture of my diablito today from La Michoacana, I think I was just too excited to eat and got right down to it. When I go back again, I promise to take a picture and post it. They also make tortas (sandwiches) and have ice cream. There is a pleasant seating area and the workers are very friendly. Verdict: delish!

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