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Friday, January 22, 2010

Cool tote bags - great for grocery shopping

I was the recipient of a neat tote bag recently that is great for grocery shopping. Now I am helping to sell the bags in an effort to help the environment.

* These are handmade, reusable tote bags, fully lined. Each bag is unique. Bags are 18-22" wide and approximately 15" tall. Handles approx. 20-30" long. They are great for shopping.
* Many are made with fabric purchased from Goodwill.
* Bashas' and Food City gives shoppers a 5 cent discount if you bring in your own bag. Then when you get home, the bags are easier to carry from the car, and there are fewer plastic bags to send into the landfill.
* The bags are light weight and folded, are extremely compact.
* Boaters: Bags take up very little space on the boat - great for carrying stuff to the marina.
* Traveling to Europe? Ireland? New Zealand? In many countries, stores charge extra to customers who need bags.
* Traveling: Bags are easy to fold and slip into a suitcase. Souvenir shopping? Stash one or two folded bags in your purse. At the end of the day, you return with 1 or 2 sturdy, lightweight fabric totes rather than several bulky shopping bags.
* Mothers with young children - Want to or need to carry on an extra change of clothing? Spare diapers? Bottle? Small toys? Lightweight cloth totes keep the stuff together.
* Workers - Carry your lunch to work.
* Students - great for carrying books and folders.
* Some people like to carry sets of bags in their car, so when they stop for groceries after work, they have their bags in the car. A set is 3 or more totes folded and carried in a smaller tote.
* Pricing $25.00 per tote. Purchase 3 and receive a small tote to keep them together.

We can arrange for shipping at a $5.00 charge. If you would like to purchase, please let me know. I have more pictures if you would like to see other colors.


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