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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Staying for dinner? We're having chicken fajitas.

We had chicken fajitas tonight - Food City had chicken breasts on sale at $1.99 a pound - a great deal. I browned a chopped potato too, and threw that in, which is not a regular ingredient in fajitas, but sometimes I like a potato and bean burrito from Filiberto's... and I'm always thinking about Filiberto's. One of the Fili's we go to is on Indian School Rd. and 32nd St. They have a salsa bar with really good spicy carrots and their chicken torta (sandwich) is really tasty. My novio claims the guacamole is better at this location vs. others.

Btw, did you know Filiberto's opened a new location at Priest and Washington and they have a 99 cent menu on Tuesdays that includes many yummies such as 3 taquitos with cheese. And they have a full salsa bar with...chips! And they have Mexican Fanta and Coke. And, a sweet lady always serves us.

But, I digress...this version of Fajitas also has chicken, sliced purple onion, bell pepper and pickled jalapeño peppers and carrots, which was my novio's idea and it gave the fajitas a nice layer of spice. I first browned the chopped potato in a little olive oil and then let it steam a bit (under cover). Then I browned the chicken pieces and lastly the veg. Then I combined it all and served it in flour tortillas. We used Marisol's tortillas that we picked up last weekend - you can order these via me...just email me and let me know you want to order empanadas, tamales or tortillas (or all three!) and Marisol will take care of you. Buen provecho :)

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