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Monday, January 11, 2010

Pinto beans a la Marilyn

I suppose like many daughters, I am partial to my Mom's cooking. This morning when I went over to visit, she gave me a parcel of her tasty pinto beans with ground beef. I will post the recipe shortly. I made a small burrito with them for lunch (using Marisol's tortillas that we picked up yesterday) and enjoyed it with some sliced tomatoes and bell pepper. Sometimes I don't have salsa around - that's a hint for you, Meromero, it's time to make some fresh salsa - so I like to always have veggies around to use as a healthy side dish. I was telling my Mom this morning that I'm so thankful she always promoted healthy foods in our home, she didn't buy potato chips, rather pretzels (much lower in fat - or no fat) and she always made sure we had fruit and veg for snacking. Also she kept raisins and natural peanut butter on hand at all times so we could make ants on a of my favorite snacks. Thanks Mom for creating a healthy example for me that I have tried to carry on as an adult. Cheers to all our Moms for looking out for us this way!

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