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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nostalgia for Spain

Do you ever have nostalgia for a place you've been before? I spent a lot of time in Spain (Vitoria) during my last year of high school and tonight I am craving palmeras de chocolate. I used to buy them on the weekends when I would go barhopping with my friends - they were sold on street corners of the casco viejo and also I would buy them on my way home from school in the afternoons, before la comida, much to my host mother Malen's chagrin.

I can't find them here. Trader Joe's sells them without chocolate, as well as Cost Plus and AJ's. So far I am liking the AJ's version the most, but alas, they are not con chocolate. If you have seen them here (in Arizona), please let me know. Here's a picture to whet your apetite as well...

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