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Friday, January 15, 2010

Steak salad #2

Had much better luck with steak salad, version 2 today. The pan was hotter, so I got a better sear on the steak and remembered to season at least on one side with salt. Also remembered to cook it for less time so it was truly the way I like it - medium rare. I put in a few extra craisins (dried/sweetened cranberries) and almonds for texture. The vinaigrette was right on target with the perfect balance of acid (vinegar) to olive oil. I always eyeball it so I don't have an exact recipe, it's a splash of oil, a splash of vinegar - sherry vinegar is nice if you have it, or champagne vinegar - and fresh cracked pepper & salt. You can see this version looks even yummier (is it possible, really?) than the one I made before. Make this for yourself, you will feel full and healthy. Happy munching.

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