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Friday, April 2, 2010

Dinner and a movie

I just love her suit!

And what a great hat!

And...a gyro! This kitchen wench was hungry.

Jason isn't feeling well tonight so this kitchen wench is on her own for dinner. I picked up a gyro from Z's Greek at 40th St. and Indian School. It was hearty and fresh (I inhaled it so I use the past tense) but could have used more tzaziki sauce. I'm having a nice syrah along with it (had a syrah I should say) and considering a second since it is Friday night, after all...

For tonight's feature film I chose High Heels (Tacones Lejanos) by you guessed it - my favorite director, Pedro Almodóvar. His women are so glamorous as I have mentioned in a previous post, so it warrants mentioning again. I mean, check out the white Chanel suit on one of Almodóvar's favorite muses!

Get yourself to Z's Greek now. Right NOW!

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