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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Carlos O'Brien's and puppy love


a happy kitchen wench

chicken fajita burro (and his tacos in the background)

Do you ever have a week when days mesh together? In my case it's because I've been having a good time lately i.e. the days are meshing together because, well...this kitchen wench has found a special person that I want to be with in my life, for the long term.

This special person is Jason - he's been mentioned in earlier posts, but lately we've solidified our relationship, knowing we want the same thing: monogamy, laughter, sharing, friendship and...good eats!

Jason supports this kitchen wench in terms of good eats, recently he took me to Carlos O'Brien's in Scottsdale (I can't tell you what day because the days are meshing together - it's been a month since we've been together, and I'm on cloud 9).

Okay, I digress. Carlos O'Brien's has great food. I had 3 margaritas (I was celebrating) at the happy hour price and a chicken fajita burro (see picture). It is the most delicious chicken fajita burro that I have tasted since back in the day when I worked near 35th Ave./Northern where there was a place called Jal-O-PeƱos - I don't know if it's there anymore, but they had great chicken fajita burritos and a nice waiter who I think became a co-owner who I used to work with at Garcia's back in the day.

This kitchen wench is pithy today. Unusual for me...

But then, I'm basking in the warm glow of finding a special person to spend my life with.

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