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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tokyo Express and Dutch Brothers

My love interest and partner in crime Jason treated me to Tokyo Express yesterday for dinner. We had Tokyo Bowls (white meat chicken and veg) over rice with teriyaki sauce. If you haven't been to Tokyo Express lately, it's time to go back. I spied their bento bowls (to go meals) which have many options for main dishes and appetizers, and are reasonable (under $10). Their food is really healthy, filling and cheap.

Beforehand, we stopped at Dutch Brothers - or drove through, rather...they are at Camelback and Central and have great coffee and chai. Jason had an iced latte with vanilla and I had an iced chai. Normally I'm not down with iced drinks but it was warm yesterday and I needed to cool off. Or, maybe it's the company I keep.

Get yourself to Tokyo Express (10th St./Camelback) for healthy, reasonable and fast japonese food and treat yourself to a coffee or chai at Dutch Brothers. This combination could easily become a part of your regular routine...

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