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Friday, April 16, 2010

Mariscos Playa Hermosa on Garfield and 16th St.

Order yourself a michelada - it's clamato and beer, dude...

mojarra frita - a whole fried fish

My auntie treated me to a late lunch/early dinner today at Playa Hermosa. She said they just received a great review in the AZ Republic, so she called and said, "wanna do lunch, on me?" That's all this kitchen wench needed to hear, so, off we went. Unsual that we should dine together twice in one week, but I'm not complaining.

Playa Hermosa serves primarily seafood, I had mojarra frita (a whole fried fish) that came with rice, a side salad and some of the most delicious refried beans I've ever had. Also I had a choice of flour or corn tortillas (I prefer corn so that's what I ordered) and my aunt ordered the pescado veracruz, fish done veracruz style, with tomatoes and olives on top, also served with rice, a side salad and beans. She loved it and we both had a little drinkie to celebrate: she had a bud in the bottle and I had a michelada made with Tecate.

If you have never had a michelada before, I urge you to order one the next time you are at a Mexican restaurant. It is a mixture of beer and clamato. Then some people add worchestire (how do you spell that word, anyways) or soy sauce and some people add chile powder, black pepper and use a glass with a salted rim. I really like this drink, it is super refreshing. The waiter told us it is made differently depending on what region you are from in Mexico. Get yourself a michelada, now!

Playa Hermosa also serves flan, we were told, but alas, we did not have room for this rich custard dessert. Next time.

Get yourself to Playa Hermosa for some tasty fish. Now, right now! ¡¡Arre!!

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