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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

From - re: Nutella, worth sharing

NutellaAmy Sussman


Yes, we’re talking about the chocolate-hazelnut spread that has graced crèpes and slices of white bread the world over for decades. Nutella was developed by Pietro Ferrero, of Ferrero Rocher fame, during World War II as a way of stretching a dwindling supply of chocolate. (Hazelnuts are plentiful in the Piedmont region of Italy.) Happily for Ferrero, the combination caught on, and people stayed hooked once rationing was over. As of late, this mass-produced treat has been inspiring chefs as a novelty ingredient of sorts. Pichet Ong of Village Tart in New York City recently demonstrated his Nutella skillet torte on ABC News, and Bret Macris of Rose Water in Park Slope, Brooklyn, goes several steps further with his bourbon-infused foie gras torchon, which he serves with pan-fried brioche points, blood orange and a quenelle of homemade nutella.

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