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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's for dinner - leftovers

One of my favorite things to have for dinner is leftovers - because it's less work for this kitchen wench. Sometimes we can be pressed for time and have busy lives, this is when leftovers come in handy.

Last night I had a reheated chicken thigh and the rest of the pasta salad that my Mom gifted me from her Easter meal. It was so delicious - she used penne pasta, italian flat leaf parsley, radishes, green onion (just the green part), sliced olives and a dijon vinegar olive oil dressing. Mmmmm I get hungry thinking about it again.

For dessert I had the rest of her cinnamon rolls which she had also made for Easter along with a cup of earl grey with milk. Drinking tea always reminds me of New Zealand because they drink a lot of tea there and no matter where you stay, there are teabags and a little carton of milk for your tea. It's a very hospitable place. I was telling my Dad recently that he needs to go - there is a city called Devonport that is just outside of Auckland - it is kind of a quiet bedroom/seaside community with darling shops and beautiful architecture. One of the shops I liked in particular is a gourmet deli that had lamb steaks that I would pick up occasionally and sear to medium rare and then slice on the bias and serve over a green salad. Mmm. I'm getting hungry again.

I guess that's normal for this kitchen wench.

Go forward, eat your leftovers!!

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