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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dulcería Carucel

Aren't these piñatas cute? Makes me wanna have my own niño/niña - almost!

I was picking up a standard thin crust pizza with pepperoni and black olive this evening from the pizza hut at 36th St. and Thomas when I spotted some piñatas at a strip mall across the way (just east of the pizza hut).

Dulcería Carucel has just about every type of Mexican candy you can imagine - from pulparindo to some type of chicken lollypop (no foolin) and mango lollypops with chile. I was mesmerized as I made my way through the small shop which is filled with party supplies like invitations, table toppers, piñatas and there is also a small section near the front with San Marcos blankets (they are very warm and fuzzy) and cosmetics and hair accessories.

I think I remember the sign out front saying they had sodas too.

So, get yourself over to Dulcería Carucel and take care of that sweet tooth. Chicken Lollypops - oh my!!

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