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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Postino on Central

Barbara salad from Postino on Central

I was treated to a yummy lunch today by my partner in crime, Jason. He took me to Postino on Central. It was buzzing! Lots of people waiting to eat yummy salads, and sandwiches, which is exactly what we were wanting and craving.

I had a Barbara salad - technically not on their menu but a staple at their 40th St./Campbell location, named after Barbara (I don't remember her last name). We met one day after I had a successful client meeting and I was feeling prosperous, hence my visit to Postino that day. Barbara had a delicious looking salad and told me I could order it even though it wasn't on the menu, it had been designed especially for her, since she goes there all the time. She said I must try it. And I have been ordering it ever since, for the past year and a half or so. I digress. This tasty salad has field greens, pear, beets, carmelized nuts, tomatoes, dried leeks and an herb vinagrette, with shaved chicken (optional). This salad is so delicious, you must go get one.

Jason had a chicken sandwich with bacon on focaccia with some type of gooey cheese that looked very good. His came with chips and we shared a board with brie/apples/fig and salami/pesto bruschetta.

The weather was nice enough that we could sit outside, and it was somehow cooler than sitting inside.

Postino's is highly recommended as they have first quality and consistency in their food. We'll be back!

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