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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Williams Sonoma + Design Within Reach

I am coveting this "jelly" chair and ottoman - you can find it
at Design Within Reach.

They also have this cool felt rug (sale price/floor model)

The mecca of all kitchen gadget stores, Williams Sonoma.

I went to Scottsdale Fashion Mall today and visited Williams Sonoma, the fancy dancy kitchen store. They had a huge, pretty, shiny espresso maker I coveted - I think it bakes bread too, for that price!

They have some great gift ideas - for Mother's Day, I was thinking, specifically. They have some great fruit preserves for $12 and then I spotted a gift set of smaller jars for $25. They also sell Herbs de Provence in a pretty container that makes a nice conversation piece in anyone's kitchen and this herb blend goes well on a baked chicken, baked fish or sprinkled on diced potatoes with the skin on, roasted at a high heat.

Also I spied that fancy toaster I posted about earlier today - it is pretty and shiny, but I'll keep using my old one for awhile longer. Unless...there are any folks out there that would like to adopt?

It's good to keep a sense of humor when one has good taste i.e. champagne taste but with a beer budget. But imported, please!

I also visited Design Within Reach, since it is in the same neighborhood. They are having a sample sale so I took pictures of the items I am coveting which include an orange "jelly" chair and ottoman, and a felt rug that is of the most beautiful design.

When you win the lottery, or just have some extra buckaroos to rub together, Williams Sonoma and Design Within Reach are two good places to visit. Get yourself there for fancy kitchen stuff and tastefully designed furniture!!

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