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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wall decals help to hide cracks

This is pretty cool, saw it today at

Wall Decals Help to Hide Cracks

Instead of seeing a crack on your wall as a problem that needs to be repaired, consider it an opportunity for decoration. That’s the idea behind TakeBreak, a set of wall decals created by the Taiwanese design firm AHead Creative that can transform a crack into a flowering plant inhabited by birds, snails and butterflies.

“It turns an imperfection into a piece of art,” said Fumi Suzuki, a manager at MollaSpace, a California distributor of quirky Asian accessories that brought the product to the United States. “It encourages people to use their imagination — a crack in the wall can be seen as a tree.”

Each $6 set contains 15 decals. Information: (888) 665-5277,

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