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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Coffee Lady

Kathie greets you with a warm smile at The Coffee Lady

I had a lovely visit today with Kathie at The Coffee Lady on 40th St. and Indian School. She is a evocator, or a mentor type person...and I think her sort is of great value in this world.

It was my first visit to The Coffee Lady, I spied all types of coffee drinks that they make, they also have a cute counter where you can sit, or there are tables. I love that they have club soda for $1 a can (this frugal kitchen wench appreciates that) and it appears there is frozen yogurt and smoothies, too.

Kathie and I talked about Ozzie's which is a St. Vincent De Paul enterprise (next door) which sells gently used furniture, artwork, all kinds of things one needs for one's home. We also talked about a new flower shop that is opening next door, it appears the owner gifted lots of the small businesses nearby with a purple orchid plant, which is beautiful. I will have to stop there when she opens on April 15.

Also, the Fresh and Easy is opening at 40th St. and Camelback on April 14th, which is right in the neighborhood...and I do want to go one of these days in my pj's since their parent company - Tesco - has reportedly not allowed people in their pj's to visit their stores in England. Which makes me want to go in my pj's all the more. I mean, haven't we all seen the scene from The Big Lebowski when Jeff Bridges is at a Ralph's grocery store buying milk for .67 (that he writes a check for) in his robe. Classic!

Get yourself to The Coffee Lady today for java, or a smoothie...or a sandwich!

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