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Sunday, April 25, 2010

La Jolla, continued

My brother Ken and his daughter Brianna (Chrissy was hiding).

The Cheese Shop makes yummy sandwiches

and they have some tasty candies!

Papalulus Restaurant is the place for breakfast

The kitchen wench outside Papalulus Restaurant

Today our eating experiences continued in La Jolla. My brother visited with his kiddos (see picture) and we went to Papalulus Restaurant for breakfast, where they have lattes, cappuccinos and drip coffee. They also serve homemade cinnamon rolls and muffins that looked pretty tasty as well. You can sit inside or outside. Today we opted for the to go option since my brother had two kids in tow and they wanted to go to the beach.

For lunch Dad and I ate my leftover pasta from last night and then we took a nap and watched a movie on Turner Classic Movies with Sidney Portier called Lillies of the Field. I gather it was a bit of a groundbreaking movie in terms of addressing racism in this country. Then Dad got a second wind and we decided to eat again at the nearby Cheese Shop where they make delicious sandwiches and have yummy side salads. Dad opted for a salami on ciabatta bread and I had a green salad with a few salami slices on the side, it became an antipasto salad, as it were. Light but still filled me up, just what the doctor ordered for this kitchen wench who tries to be healthy (eat healthy and exercise) when she can.

Papalulus and The Cheese Shop are highly recommended for your dining experiences when you visit La Jolla. Don't delay, get yourself to La Jolla soon, before the "off season" becomes a crowded "summer season."

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