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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What's for lunch - spinach salad with chicken

Go get yourself a bag of spinach and make this salad - now!!

I had an extra cooked chicken thigh in the refrig today so I decided to make a spinach salad with tomatoes and chicken. I buy the bagged spinach since it's super convenient to use and it stays fresh for about a week. I typically get about 5 servings per bag - and at $1.99 per bag (courtesy of Food City) it falls within this kitchen wench's tiny budget.

I made dressing from Trader Joe's olive oil - this one is called Extra Virgin California Estate and it's about 7 bucks a bottle but it's well worth it. I think it's unfiltered and is very good in salads, it has kind of a fruity taste. I don't cook with it, but instead use their virgin olive oil for cooking. So to the olive oil, I added a drizzle of honey and a splash of lime from Bokados Lime Juice (Food City again) and it made a nice light dressing. I'm thinking I'm going to be making this a lot during the summer.

This dressing will work well for pasta salads, too. I already am planning ahead (a gal on a budget has to) so I have the Trader Joe's whole wheat penne pasta, a can of black olives, Spanish Guindilla peppers (also from TJ's) and I will add cherry tomatoes to it and some fresh basil, and there you go.

Some strawberries, a club soda and lunch is served. Maybe a liquid yogurt later.

Happy cooking.

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