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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Area rugs -

I found this "language" rug that I liked and...

this one that my cousin - a dog groomer will approve of - titled "menagerie"

I was online tonight looking at area rugs. I need two - one for my dining area - which may become a gaming area (ping pong anyone?) and I also need one for my living room/area where the couch is and I tend to watch tv there. These two I really liked. I ordered the swirl one in blue and white, I thought it would go with my newly painted concrete floor which is a terra cotta color. The other one "menagerie" is not on sale yet, but if it does go on sale (hint, hint to the cfo at - please put this rug on sale) I will order it.

Get yourself to Anthropologie - there's one at Kierland Mall and also at Scottsdale Fashion Mall...or if you're at home, alone...with a few bucks on your credit card, go to and place your order online. They have really cute furniture, pillows, kitchen stuff, light fixtures, shower curtains, etc. Check out their sale section as this frugal kitchen wench tends to do.

Happy days!

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