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Monday, April 12, 2010

El Tovar Hotel - Grand Canyon

If your sweetie takes you to El Tovar, it may put you in a romantic mood.

This past weekend Jason whisked me away to the Grand Canyon and we stayed in the famous El Tovar Hotel.

If you have a special occasion to celebrate, I highly recommend a visit to El Tovar. It is plushy. They have good eats and the view is...well, if I was pithy, I would say it is super, amazing, incredible and enormous. But I will leave the pithiness to my partner in crime, Jason and simply say, it is wonderful.

We had dinner outside, overlooking the Canyon at the bar and both agreed their chicken wings and shrimp cocktail were good enough to go back for. And we had a chocolate taco with chocolate mousse. Decadent!

The company was pretty good, too.

So, get yourself to El Tovar for your next special occasion - anniversary, birthday, or something you make up so you have an excuse to go. Does one need an excuse to see beautiful scenery, architecture, history and have great eats! This kitchen wench thinks not.

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