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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

AJ's Fine Foods

Breakfast with technology - a beautiful thing

I've talked about AJ's Fine Foods before, but it's worth another mention. Why, do you ask? They have wi-fi, at least at the location I'm at currently on Pima and Union Hills. I'm outside enjoying a hot latte with a blueberry scone.

Wi fi is a great thing because not only does it connect you to others online, it connects you to people (bystanders) who are curious about technology - in my case this morning, my netbook. It is an ASUS and is very small, great for travel(see picture). I'm hoping that potential new clients will be impressed with it this weekend at the small business event I'm exhibiting at called Conexiones. I was on TV last weekend promoting it - and myself - channel 3 has a time slot they donate for Nuestra Causa; it is once a month, on a Sunday morning, at 6:30 am, for us earlybirds.

Speaking of technology, if you need tech support, email the nice folks at Clear Skies IT Solutions at They will come to your home or business for a reasonable hourly rate.

Technology and caffeine, what could possibly be a better combination, really...?

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