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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NYPD Pizza, H20 store

Spaghetti & Meatballs at NYPD Pizza will fill you up - and you may have leftovers!

The H20 store is a great place to get a snow cone.

Had lunch today with my auntie at NYPD Pizza. I had the spaghetti and meatballs (see picture) that I really enjoy. My aunt had the mussels in red sauce over linguine and we shared a large antipasto salad. And we each had a glass of wine. It was a little over the top, for a weekday lunch, but we needed to catch up and we both had the time, so...

Then we went over to the new Fresh & Easy store at 40th St./Camelback. It was bustling, as today was their opening day. I spent $10 so I got a free tote bag (and so did my aunt) - among my purchases: earl grey tea (2), bell peppers (4), onions (3) and raisin bran (their brand). Got all this for about ten buckaroos. I think I'll be going back. They have a large wine/beer selection and they also have their brands of coke and other sodas. Good for this kitchen wench's budget! Also spied yogurt that was a reasonable price and a pasta sauce for 99 cents a jar. 99 cents!

After shopping at Fresh & Easy, my aunt smoked a cigarette and loaded the car while I went to the H20 store on the same corner. They have snow cones - a medium size is $2.75 and you get to choose 3 flavors. I had piƱa colada, blueberry and cherry. If you want to go to Hawaii, but don't have the budget, get yourself to the H20 store at Camelback and 40th St. Their snow cones will cool you off and won't break the bank.

Happy eating.

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