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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Upcoming reviews

I plan to do a lot of eating over the next few days - have many outings planned with friends and family.

This is where I'll be going:

PF Chang's
NYPD Pizza

I went to Filiberto's new location on 23th St. and Indian School last night and had a massive chicken torta with fries - and it came to less than 5 bucks and I had leftovers for lunch today. Leftovers! This economizing kitchen wench likes that.

They have a salsa bar with spicy carrots, wrinkled yellow marinated hot peppers, different red and green salsas, sans chips.

The new location is called Tulioberto's and it is located inside the shell of an old Burger King. There aren't too many remnants of the fast food joint, except for the Coca Cola sign and Queensryche on the jukebox which is juxtapositioned to the TV playing music from Selena.

We live in a border state, people, get used to it.

More reviews to come...stay tuned!

Happy eating.

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