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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's in my fridge

I remember reading a blog - don't remember whose it was, but it included the contents of the blogger's fridge. It inspired me to do the same here, because it gave me ideas for economical cooking/snacking options.

I always have a gallon of milk around since I make a big (HUGE) latte every single morning, without fail.

Condiments/pickled/dried things: olives, guindilla peppers (Trader Joe's), garlic, parmesean cheese packets (thank you, Jason), figs (Trader Joe's) peanut butter, jelly, kung po sauce, liquid yogurt (lala is a really good brand from Food City).

Produce: strawberries, bagged spinach, roma tomatoes, yellow onion, grapefruit (from my aunt's neighbor - thank you, Bob), pears and apples. There is also some canned pineapple and a little cranberry sauce leftover from a couple of months ago. I keep telling myself, "it's still good!"

Meats: chicken (defrosting - not shown), a small salami from DeFalco's deli

Sweets: Toblerone, and a fruitcake (not shown).

Condiments are great because they can really enhance a pasta salad or a three bean salad - I should have dijon mustard because it makes a great salad dressing, but I am out of it now.

I try to buy produce in season and what's cheap. That usually means I buy bananas, tomatoes, bagged spinach, onions, potatoes (great for oven fries).

Typically I like to buy chicken thighs because they have a lot of flavor and they are pretty reasonable. I cook them at 400 degrees for 1 hour and put them in a pasta salad or a spinach salad for lunch almost every day.

There is a bottle of Limoncello on the bottom shelf - I don't drink it often - but after a long day, sometimes it is nice.

What's in your fridge? This kitchen wench wants to know!

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