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Saturday, March 27, 2010

What's for breakfast - Mama Java

Elaine May played a great role in the movie The New Leaf

Toasted everything bagel (toasted by me, procured at Mama Java)

I went over to Mama Java (conveniently located across the street from me) this morning to get an everything bagel and a diet coke, since I had already imbibed a liquid yogurt and I was working on a big latte...but I didn't have any munchies.

Mama Java's has great coffee and pastries/bagels. There is also a very relaxed crowd that makes it a comfortable place to visit or just get something quick to go. If I remember correctly, they have live music on Thursday nights. And they display works by local artists like Scott Hughes, a very talented young man. I know because I have a set of 3 of his pac man ghosts.

Yesterday I had gone to Mama Java's for a latte because I felt lazy and like something sweet... I ended up with an everything bagel instead because they looked so good. Since Munch a Bagel and Katz Deli went out of business I have been mourning for great bagels - thankfully Mama Java's bagels are delicious, chewy and fresh.

Get yourself to Mama Java's now for yummies. Right now. NOW!!

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