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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Serpentinas - tamarind candy

I would describe serpentinas as a tamarind candy that is akin to a fruit roll up that is spicy, sweet and salty.

You can find this brand (el leon) at Food City at 44th St. and McDowell and also at WalMart - where I rarely shop but happened to be there with my Mom shopping for clothes at 36th St. and Thomas.

For some reason, these are not easy to find in the tamarind version at your regular dulerías (Mexican candy shops). I'm not sure why but most of the ones I find - like at Dulcería Pico Rico - are made of quince instead of tamarind - and tamarind is what this kitchen wench wants when she makes a chamoyada...or I also like to eat them on their own. Sort of like a gummy bear fused with fruit roll up that is spicy, sweet and sour.

I dare you - go get some serpentinas and try them for yourself. You'll be hooked - like me.

This el leon brand comes with a saladito (a dried plum) which is very very salty. I usually discard them but it occurs to me I should save them for something. Any ideas?

Maybe I could rehydrate them and put them in a chicken tagine - that moroccan dish that calls for chicken, raisins and preserved lemons. Ideas, ideas...didn't someone sing that song, "I get ideas, I get ideas..."

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