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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Avanti - an old standby for great Italian eats

Randall Barnes tickles the ivories at Avanti

Avanti's Restaurant of Distinction

This place should be a historical monument, in my opinion. They have great Italian food - fancy stuff. There is a piano bar, and their cantinero (bartender) Homero will take good care of you with a fine selection of wines, espresso or a cocktail.

Back in the day (the early 80's) they used to host (catering) Julio Iglesias's concerts at Celebrity Theatre - I know this because I was there. What was a ten year old doing at Celebrity Theatre watching Julio? Having a great time, to be sure. Ahead of my time, this kitchen wench was.

"Me va, me va, me va, me va, me va..."

I digress.

We are going there this weekend for my Dad's birthday.

Steak pizzaiola, anyone?

Enough said. Go, now!

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