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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sauce and Dutch Brothers

These guys have great coffee and chai

Tasty pizza and pasta at Sauce

I went to dinner with my brother tonight at Sauce (7th Street/Glendale). He had beef lasagna and a ceasar salad and I had a pepperoni pizza. The salad had quite a bit of cheese on it and it looked like a quality aged cheese. My brother ate the whole thing and that means it was yummy.

The meal was tasty but it was a little loud in terms of the atmosphere - I think the word has gotten out that this restaurant is "child friendly" because there were a lot of children and it was kind of noisy - we had to speak very loudly to each other in order to carry on a conversation.

But, I wasn't there for the atmosphere - for me, it's all about the yummies.

Verdict: I would go back. They have fizzy water, which I have mentioned my appreciation for in earlier posts - and wine by the glass/bottle. They also have cheesecake and tiramisu that we did not try, but in general I like them both and that gives a good excuse to go back. And their bread was really good.

Recommendation: Go, now!

Afterwards we went to Dutch Brothers at Central and Camelback for coffee (drive thru). My bro had a hot soy latte and I had a hot chai. Yummy again. There are many now in the Valley - and are worth a visit, especially if you run out of soy, milk or coffee at home!

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