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Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Birthdays and where we celebrate

The Hamilton's have a lot of birthdays in March:

My Dad - March 13 (went to Avanti's - great, amazing, wonderful Italian food)
My brother - March 18 (went to Chipotle - tasty, fresh, healthy Mexican food)
My aunt - March 23 (she wants to go to Red Lobster, my suggestion was the Fish Market, not sure if any of you have noticed, but they have become something else. My heart sank!)
My mom - March 31 (she wants to go to Don & Charlie's as Mom has a thing for baby back ribs)

It appears none of us are shy when it comes to birthday eating experiences. These are some of our favorite places. I'd like to know where you like to celebrate there a place that you go to every year for your Mom's birthday, or yours, maybe? Let me know and I'll try to go there and review it - or better yet...write a review of your favorite place and I'll post it - here!

Happy eating.

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