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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rough day = raspado time (Oasis)

I'm going to give you a short version of my day - it was filled with difficulties and ultimately one event that may be in the larger forces category. But, life goes on, and sometimes the solution is...a raspado.

An Oasis raspado, to be exact. More exactly, a chamoyada.

I had one today before my larger forces event happened, and that lessened the blow, I believe.

Breathe, breathe...

My chamoyada had crushed ice, mango pieces, chamoy, asian peanuts but no serpentinas (tamarind candy). Me lo vendieron (they must have been out of it).

Refreshing is the operative word here with raspados.

The chamoyada brightened my day, and Oasis was packed. One of the girls there told me that it gets that way the closer they get to summer and then there is a big line that goes out the door.

I will still be going.

Get yourself down to Oasis now for a mexican slushie (raspado) now. NOW!!

(32nd Street/McDowell in Phoenix)

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